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Favorite Things for the Week

Teaching is hard. If you're a teacher, you get it. If you know a teacher, you get it. I will say, even on the hardest days, it is also the most rewarding career. While looking at another blog post by Che-Tea-Latte, I realized how important it is to think about the best, or favorite things that happen to you. So here's to the favorites for this week!

First, my students have started making me scavenger hunts where they will leave me little treats at the end. It's fun for them AND me! Who doesn't love a scavenger hunt???
The clue says, "You have been a great teacher for the whole year. I hope you have another great year with kids at school. 1st hint: there is a hint down there ---> go near the ipads and look for another green paper."

Second, my school recently named a new principal. Let me just say-It's going to be a great year next year! The principal is who we all wanted- DREAMS DO COME TRUE!!! When you have an amazing, fearless leader, teaching is much easier.

Third, and last, I sold my first TPT product and OMG was that a rush!!! I've sold a few more and I am really looking forward to growing my TPT following. #teacherpreneur #goals

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So that's my favorites for the week! What are your favorite things for the week?? Tag me or leave a comment!


First Grade Findings

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