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Summer is a fabulous time to do some reflecting on the previous school year. I still have the warm, fuzzy memories of the school year and my sweeties, but I am also enjoying the "Friday Night of the Summer" as @heyheyfirstgrade put it here:

Now on to the reflecting! Recently, I wanted to try a June #TBT challenge to post and reflect on the school year on Instagram. Each Thursday there's a different topic to post about. This week was math. Math has always been my absolute favorite subject! My favorite math lesson of the school year would have to be when we learned about 3D Geometric shapes using mini marshmallows and toothpicks. Side note: the kids actually DID NOT EAT THEM until I told them it was time. I was impressed with their perseverance in that! There may have been some sneaking, but they were sly enough to get by me! Hah! This activity involved many of my favorite components of what I consider a strong lesson: hands on, exploratory, collaborative, and FUN! And of course, they did get to eat marshmallows as a snack at the end. I bought two bags and saved one for a special treat.

BrainPOP Homepage
This activity came along after watching Brain Pop Jr. about 3D shapes, exploring 3D shapes using STEAM tubs, and discussing 3D shape features. Next, it was time to get to building! Here are some pictures of my students at work:

 Their task was to build as many different shapes as they could. I left the shape cards on the interactive panel for them to use as a model.  The looks on their faces were full of amazement at all the different shapes they could build. This student said, "Whoaaaaa" as he stared at his shape.- He was so proud of his work!! He was studying it from all angles!

I had them draw their shapes and try their best. That didn't go so well though! Next time I will leave that part out and have them document by taking photos on the iPads! The exploration and building is more important for firsties anyway!

How do you reflect on the previous school year? I'm looking for other ideas about reflections and what works for others! Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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