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Teal: A Book About a Little Crayon That Makes a Big Difference

Teal: A Book About a Little Crayon That Makes a Big Difference by Renee Galvin paints the tale of a crayon that's at a loss for where he fits in this big, diverse world. After many disappointing days, he decides to make a plan. He wants to make a difference in his world! This heartwarming story will inspire readers to think outside of the box to make a plan to come together and embrace diversity. I would highly recommend this easy to follow story with a big message for building community and inspiring the next generation to do great things! I cannot wait to read this book to my class this year. Great picture books, like Teal, inspire readers to accomplish amazing feats, and I can't wait to see what my students take away from this story!

I have some fabulous activities I'm brainstorming to go along with this story. Stay tuned for updates! Click the link below to head over to Amazon to grab your copy.

How will I use this book in my classroom?
I plan on reading this story the first week of school to encourage my students to embrace each other's differences and strengths. We will also discuss being problem solvers and being great in a world where things don't always seem great. I have a feeling my students will love this story, because of the inspiring main character. Crayons are continual figures in their lives. I'm curious to see if my students have any thoughts about other colors as well... I can't wait to see what this story brings to my classroom!

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