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About Me!

Hi! I'm Jessica, from First Grade Findings- check my out on IG (shameless shoutout;) )

I am finishing up my 4th year of teaching. Wow has time flown by! It seriously feels like I just graduated college! I taught 3rd grade for two years and 1st grade for two years. First grade has my heart! (Hence the name-First Grade Findings!) 

Here's how it all started: I was incredibly lucky to have an amazing mentor teacher in my student teaching experience in 1st grade who helped me get a long term substitute job in 3rd grade. I graduated in December SOOOOO this was perfect in my "everything is meant to be" plan. The reason why I believe everything happens for a reason because I was originally supposed to be at a neighboring school. I was switched due to the other teacher taking a different job and it was perfectly meant to be! I am still at the school in which I student taught. (Big thanks to my AMAZING mentor teacher ;)) I then went on to teach 3rd grade for two years. I wanted to be back in 1st, and THEN IT HAPPENED! I was back in FIRST! I have been back for two years and hope to stay for a while. 

I love to post about things I find on my IG account so I figured I could post on a blog, too! There's so much out there that teachers can benefit from-if they can just find it! I believe in the power of teacher support and networking! I have learned so much from other teachers out there in the world and at my school. I know everyday I can learn something, just like my students learn something every day. We are in this together! Connect with me! 


First Grade Findings

P.S. Thanks for taking the time to read this- it means a lot to me ;)

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